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20 Unions Stand by a California Climate Jobs Plan
Connecticut Passes Just Transition Law
Just Transition Strategies: Workers and the Green Revolution
NY Schools Aim to be the Model for Carbon-Free and Healthy Schools
Community-Driven Coalitions for Just Transition
LNS Just Transition Report Featured
Canadian Energy Workers Pushing 'Just Transition Act'
Congressman Addresses LNS Allies on Transit Equity
Transit Campaign in Pennsylvania Kicks Off With Rally in Harrisburg
EPA Workers Say: No Fossil Fuels in Our Pensions!
Farm Workers Further Disempowered by New Supreme Court Ruling
ProAct Update: What We Can Do
Warrior Met Has Met Its Match
17 Thousand Student Researchers at the University of California Are Forming a Union
The Climate Crisis Is Here, No Really
LNS Stalwart Rewarded by NJ WEC
Jobs for Climate & Jobs
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Mike Cavanaugh, Senior Strategic Advisor/Organizer
Who We Are:
Making a Living on a Living Planet