From the Editor
In This Issue
4th  JTLP Webinar
Resolution 35
In Alameda, Calif.
In Culver City, Calif.
Wretched Heat
Save the Post Office
One More Re: Calif.
LNS Board Member
Who We Are
Call to Action
Young Workers and Just Transition
Teachers Union Supports Green New Deal
Alameda Labor Council Calls for a Green Recovery
Unions Back Plan to Protect Workers in Culver City Oil Plant Closing
Feel the Heat? Climate Change Threatens Workers Health
UFCW Tracing COVID Cases for its 1.3 Million Members
Center for Biological Diversity, Unions, Advocates, File Legal Petition for #PPENow
“Strike for Black Lives” Redefines Worker Action
#Save the Post Office!
And, wrapping things up in California...
Who We Are:
Cynthia Phinney, Board Member
The Labor Network for Sustainability: Making a Living on a Living Planet
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